The PD Benefits All Residents

Here’s what the PD will do for Treasure Island Residents:

  • Adds over $800,000 annual tax revenue to the City, which lowers the pressure on our residential real estate taxes
  • Increases our home values
  • Creates 500—700 new jobs
  • Boosts our economy by $30-40 Million in the 1st year
  • Increases public participation: 4 public hear- ings to review each new building project (current law requires only 1)
  • Encourages property owners to use their property in ways that add to everyone’s enjoyment of beach life. For example, bike paths, public access to beach and water- ways, public parking ….
  • Attracts quality modern development
  • Revives older, blighted properties
  • Encourages responsible growth

The above data come from an analysis done by experts at the University of South Florida. The full report may be viewed on the City’s website. Source: USFSP Report: “Economic Analysis of Proposed Planned Development Zoning District in Treasure Island”