What is the PD Zone?

“Planned Development” (PD) zoning areas are used in cities across the state of Florida. PD zones are intended to spur economic growth and development, by providing municipalities flexibility in building codes used in the land development process. With this flexibility municipalities are better able to meet a broad, and constantly evolving, range of community and economic development objectives. By designating “PD Zones” land development can be focused where it will have the greatest opportunity to meet those objectives.
The purpose of the Treasure Island PD Zones is to strengthen the City’s economy and shelter residents from the prospect of onerous tax increases. Specifically, the PD Zones will address declining tourism related tax revenues by tackling the core obstacle: availability of tourist accommodations. Treasure Islands inventory of tourist accommodations is, and has been for some time, stagnant. The Treasure Island PD is designed to meet this challenge in a creative, community friendly, manner

  • The Treasure Island PD Zones are limited to two designated areas. See The PD Zones Here
  • Voters must approve the PD before any increase in height or density takes effect
  • Height increases from 62’ to a maximum 86’
  • Density increases the number of hotel rooms, up to a maximum of 75 / acre